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EXCLUSIVE: Brave Soul Spotlight on Craig Stewart

May 8, 2007 Print version       Other articles by this author

What you are about to read is a personal testimony from a same gender loving brother who is an inspiration to any of us who have a dream and have the faith, focus, and determination to see it manifest. Craig Stewart is an entrepreneur, and playwright whose play, "A DAY IN THE LIFE" just finished a successful run in Atlanta this past March. I got the opportunity to see the play (twice) a couple of months ago, and I walked away from it feeling proud and optimistic about the number of our LGBT stories that are steadily emerging.
Brave Soul Collective continues to support the efforts of fellow artists whose work help spread awareness. Therefore, we present to you a special spotlight on this man and his work.
Please read on, to find out more about Craig Stewart and "A Day in The Life"....

I'm originally from Baltimore, MD, but I've been living in Atlanta for the past 9 years; I live in the Vinings area. I'm a writer. I remember a time I used to say, "I want to be a writer." My intentions were to only become a songwriter when I moved to Atlanta, but I blossomed into a playwright & a greeting card writer for my own company, Say it in a Card, LLC. After several years of pursuing a dream of becoming a songwriter, I began focusing on A Day in the Life, my very first stage play.

Music has always been a passion of mine, but it never put money in my pocket and a friend of mine (that also wrote music) said to me, "music is like a bad relationship. You know you have to let it go, but you keep going back for hope of getting something different." Finally, I had enough writing for and with established artists/producers but never getting a song placed on anyone's project.

"A Day in the Life" was born out of a relationship I had that resulted in my partner learning that he was HIV positive. He believed that we were fortunate because we had never had any sexual contact, but I believed (then and today even) that at some point we all have contact with someone HIV positive because the disease is rampant. Despite my beliefs, he decided it was best that I find a boyfriend that was "healthy." Needless to say, the relationship ended. I was left trying to understand what had happened. This was the best example of love at that point in my life and I felt abandoned by that love. Three years following that relationship, I decided to tell a story that would force us (black gay men) to take a look at ourselves and identify our dysfunctions; there needs to be a model for us. We have no direction for our relationships, nor do we have spiritual guidance. I believe our relationships are so short-lived because we have very few examples of our relationships working in media (television, movies, etc.). The examples that we have are not reflections of us, they're of white gay men. After that particular relationship, I encountered a great number of people that shared my story or a variation of my story.

A Day in the Life initially premiered in August 2002 with relative success.

Unfortunately, a lack of funding, lack of faith & a bout with depression prevented me from continuing the show, thus, I created Say it in a Card.Com. Ironically, I met the sponsor of the 2007 version of A Day in the Life through my greeting card company. The show opened to a sell-out crowd at The Balzer Theater in Atlanta March 15-25, 2007. Currently, I'm in the planning stage of a national tour. My promoter is putting together an investment proposal to pitch to other investors so we can enlist some celebrity star power to tour the show. Also, I'm working to get distribution for Say it in a Card. Once I get A Day in the Life on tour I'd like to start casting my second show "Someone Else's Child."

For more information about A Day in the Life or investing opportunities, visit our website, A Day In the Life and Say It In A Card