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Life with Heidi

August 6, 2006 Print version   

Life with Heidi, a Reflection on our Anniversary

It is hard to believe that today is a few days past the year marking the beginning of our anniversaries.

Hard to believe that this time last year I was dealing with the idea

and the shock of your presence;

the announcement that we were now linked

beginning my new reality.

For better or for worse, thru sickness and in health

thru the good and the bad

going to bed late and waking up early

with the realization that I'm still stuck with your ass.

And to think

it didn't take seven years for me to feel the proverbial itch

for I know that at every second of my day for quite a few months out of 2005

Lord knows I wanted to wake up no longer having to be with you and still be considered alive.

I know in the beginning I neglected you

cause I figured if I didn't acknowledge you

then you couldn't be my reality

and I could continue to be the muthafucka I was before you came to me

Single, Sexy and Free.

But then

a muthafucka got out of control and begin to stress me the fuck out

making me doubt my pseudo commitment to us and not focus on making us work out.

So at the behest of my doctor

noting that my count of CD's

dropped below that magical number of 250

I began to take his advice

and sought out couple's therapy.

Now marriage is all about a man and his wife

or a wife and her husband

or as in our case, you and me

or at least that's what years of socialization had taught educated black man like me.

But a new element was to be added

or rather five to be exact

aimed at suppressing your presence

allowing us to work together in order to keep our shit in tack.

A new but not so radical approach I would soon learn

for the acquaintances that we've met in this length of time during our sojourn

have had upwards of thirty partners

sometimes in groups of three 10 times a day

maybe two here three hours before these five

but only an hour after you've eaten

granted it didn't contain anything with fat

causing you to wait another forty five

so that the elements of therapy can be effective at keeping you at bay.

Allowing you to slumber

so that I may continue to live, work, curse, cry and play

living my life as it is meant to be lived for each and every one of my days.

So you, me and we

are living out our reality

adjusting our schedules while building our life

just fucking up and shattering all perceptions of marriage and the wonderful world of monogamy.

And you my dear

have accepted

what most partners would term as infidelity quite readily

allowing my CD's to climb up over 550

as you my partner

slumber ever so peacefully...


but still a part of my new way of being seen

as a couple now

even better than that

cause we now have our five tricks who are a daily part of our melee

Guess what baby,

Happy One Year Anniversary