Artistry: Inspirations
Shining Star

May 26, 2006 Print version   

(dedicated to Monte J Wolfe)

A few years ago
Not So Long Ago,
God Sent Down To Me
An Angel
On Earth
To Watch Over And Protect Me
As If I Belonged To Him From Birth
A Guardian, And A Friend
A Mother, A Father
A Brother, A Sister
All Of Which I've Found In Him
Someone To Turn To When The World Seemed So Cold
Introduced Me To His Inner Circle
Who All Welcomed Me Into The Fold
A Person So Special
Who Never Asked For Much,
Always There With Words Of Wisdom
And Advice And Such
A Man
I'm Blessed To Know,
Now It's Time For You To Go
And Pass On To Others What You'veTaught Me
And Also To Explore Your Own Hopes And Dreams,
And Define Your Own Destiny
Through Life's Journey,
I Hope You Find
Whatever Your Mind, Body, & Soul
And Heart Can Hold
To Make You Happy
Because Nobody Deserves It More
And Remember No Matter
Where You Go Or How Far Apart We Are,
You Will Always Be My
Shining Star