Artistry: Living Out Loud
Atlanta Bound!

July 10, 2007 Print version       Other articles by this author

(soundtrack: Adeva's "Thank You")

not running from, but running to
not lost, but simply rediscovering
what it means to write and make beats somewhere between reckless abandon and purposeful intent
ponder melodious cacophony, whatever order of things that chaos brings
like the way that disaster cleanses
feet toughened from the rubble of '06, ... this journey in...
lessons in love and loss
thick skin to assist those blinded by the shade of gay meccas
lonely with so many around
and searching still

I'm going to heal myself a bit (and others in the process)
be closer to moms
more road trips to Tuscaloosa , Shreveport , and Cackalack
take red dirt back to red dirt
where there's magic
and a familiar drawl i left behind when i left the south
i want to remember when i was most joyful
lean on friends dear enough to hold me to the ways I deserve to be held
by myself as well as by God:

i be
dreamer, trail-blazer, change-maker, friend,
be a brave soul
be still here

and my next remains ... whatever lies after.... wherever I'm supposed to be.
but today... and tomorrow... and for now.

Home is Atlanta .

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers on this next phase in my journey. I'm very excited