Mission Statement

Brave Soul Collective is an education, outreach, and support organization for gay / bisexual / transgender / questioning HIV positive and negative individuals living their lives in truth through the arts. BSC aims to help stop the spread of HIV&AIDS, by serving as a platform for honest discussion about prevention, stigma, and personal responsibility. BSC is committed to encouraging artistic freedom, expression, and creativity in members of the arts, and same gender loving communities.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. To increase visibility of marginalized communities, including but not limited to, gay black men & people living with HIV & AIDS.
  2. To promote open, honest communication among sexually diverse individuals about HIV & AIDS
  3. To serve as a network for the creative and healing arts
  4. To create a healthy, loving environment for same gender loving individuals to share, explore, and express who we are.

Brave Soul Collective Acknowledgements:

The founders of Brave Soul Collective would like to personally thank all of the following people who were instrumental in helping us to... "bring light 2 the truth":

Sarah (Huny) Young, Christopher Richards, Jason Walker, and for designing our website - Thank you for blessing us with one of the hottest websites EVER; GEMINI for all of his hard work on our logo, banners, flyers, flash, and website-Gemini strikes again (wink); Emile Benjamin for all of his brilliant photography; David Barnes for our artwork and his graphic design skills; and Reggie Miller for being our fourth phantom founder, and helping us shape and mold our entire creation. Thank you to Dr. Theo Hodge and Dr. Angelike Liappis, for lending their support and medical expertise. Many loving thanks to Selina Donaldson and Write On Time Productions for our BSC gear. We would also like to thank Paul & Molly Ruppert, and the entire staff of Warehouse Theater. Thank you, to Alan Sharpe for being a mentor and consultant for BSC. We also send lots of love and thanks to all those who helped us spread the word about BSC-; Janet-Xone;;; and all other online websites, groups, message boards and communities that helped to support us. To our dear friend, Lalah Hathaway, thank you for coming through for us in a pinch. We are honored to have you as our premiere Brave Soul Artist Feature. We would like to extend a very special thanks to Katherine Volin and the Washington Blade. To "Mama" Musinah Berry-Dawan for placing that book in Monte's hands on Sunday, February 5, 2006, you have no idea what your simple act of kindness gave way to...THANK YOU. To Frank Leon Roberts, Marvin K. White, and all the writers who contributed their work, thank you for creating, "IF WE HAVE TO TAKE TOMORROW", because it has served as a blueprint for the kind of community we seek to create. This book is simply more confirmation that WE EXIST, that our stories are valid and need to be shared, and that our lives are VALUABLE and SACRED enough to be saved. To any individuals or groups we may have forgotten to thank or acknowledge, please know that we are forever grateful to all of the people through which GOD has shown up, in order to contribute to making Brave Soul Collective a reality.