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May 8, 2013
What do you want? What are your limitations are in any given situation? What's your "end game"? Those are a few questions I've had to ask myself a lot lately...Writing... read more

December 16, 2012
As I write what will be the last and final BSC perspectives piece of 2012, all that keeps swirling around in my mind is..."what a difference a year makes". This... read more

October 15, 2012
I thought long and hard on what to "address" this month. Many things crossed my mind as noteworthy & ideal discussion topics, but the last thing I really wanted to... read more

September 16, 2012
Today, as I sit still, I think. Life, or the life I have been gifted with (as I'm now choosing to refer to it), has been covered by what feels... read more

The Bitter Pill
May 16, 2012
Sometimes I wonder what I'm thinking when some of these topics come to me in terms of writing. I say this primarily because a lot of the things I've chosen... read more

April 15, 2012
Writing about loss and grief is difficult. It's almost as difficult as dealing with or experiencing both. Even for someone such as my self who considers himself pretty "in touch"... read more

When Life Goes On...
December 12, 2011
Completing this writing is something that has been about four months in the making. Whenever I'd sit down, get still & proceed with the intention of hammering it out, something... read more

September 18, 2011
Acceptance is hard...Until it's NOT. Acceptance is challenging...except when it's NOT. The moment I allow it into my space, my thinking, my being, it [miraculously] shows up in all other... read more

Very Useful Information
May 11, 2011
Writing about something like identity seems damn near impossible because it is ALWAYS changing. Like everyone else I know, I have 'characteristics' & things that make, but even when... read more

Self Study
September 16, 2010
Unraveling what makes one tick is like one big confusing, frustrating, fascinating, and ultimately rewarding science project. This is what I realize I'm in the midst of doing right now... read more

January 10, 2010
The beginning of a year is always a time of reflection for me. While many others are declaring resolutions, I always find myself thinking back on the previous year and... read more

Workin With TRUST
November 10, 2009
There is much to be said about trust. I've felt it's presence. I've been in the absence of it. I've prayed for it and I have abandoned it. I'm immediately... read more

August 9, 2009
When was the last time you thought about it? When was the last time you did it? If you did do it, how did it make you feel? I think... read more

Trial & Error
April 19, 2009
Snapshot: I'm sitting in my bedroom with lots of stuff around me. Everything, most of the things that are here I've placed around me for a reason. My collection of... read more

Doing The Work
February 8, 2009
I'm complicated. I'm passionate. I'm long winded. I'm emotional. I'm guarded & defensive. I'm sensitive. I'm abrasive. I'm neurotic about lots of things. I'm compassionate. I wear my heart on... read more

The Thoughts Behind The Thought
December 14, 2008
I thought I knew what I wanted to write about this month, to round out the year 2008 about a month ago when I returned from a much needed vacation.... read more

October 9, 2008
Over the past year I've paid much closer attention than ever before to the election process and especially, the candidates. That leads me to where we are now...I'm in a... read more

Subject To Change
September 13, 2008
1. Seasons, circumstances, feelins, people...winds all do it Even still I have the hardest time adaptin to it Unconcerned with what I want or how it makes me feel Cant... read more

April 19, 2008
What it does to one's heart and one's spirit when they've seen and been told and they hear it unlovingly repeatedly like a prayer or a chant should be that... read more

Mission Accomplished
January 14, 2008
When the impulse hit me back in September of 2007 to address The Chase...4Money/Power/Respect, I was very clear about the 'point' I was seeking to make. Now, today as I... read more

December 5, 2007
So here we are again I meet with you daily infact you are ingrained in me only one of us in the room... You are working in as thru despite... read more

September 18, 2007
i did it again and there was no question I didn't bother 2 ask him "when was the last time you been tested?" instead I dropped drawz and happily fed... read more

March 15, 2007
As a same gender loving/gay black man, the issue of femininity is just as controversial as it's opposite, masculinity. It was of no coincidence that we decided to make... read more

What I Know About Love...
February 12, 2007
Image, "monte & his music" photograph by Emile Benjamin love=music=god=love thas the way the equation is for me.... This is how I've learned, or remembered (depending on your school... read more

Letting Go of...
January 11, 2007
It's something rarely if ever talked about, but it wreaks havoc in the lives of all it comes in contact with. It has nestled itself in the hearts, minds and... read more

December 13, 2006
With the month of December always comes an anniversary of sorts for me, a neverending series of thoughts. Triumphs, accomplishments, fears, happiness, blues, but above all else--- thoughts of joy,... read more

September 12, 2006
Wave ONE. (Friday August 18th, 2006) Today I cried..... I cried for myself, I cried for my friends, I cried for all those I don't even know, but I know... read more

Brave Souls Sound Off: D&R
August 6, 2006
When looking at the lives of black men who love men, where do you stand on relationships? Do they, can they, have they worked for you? What is your... read more

Sometimes I Forget
July 1, 2006
And so this Brave Soul....He comes with a fold.... Of flesh , of skin, of baggage.... A layer of stuff ...that he's still cleanin' up Yet he's anything BUT damaged.... read more

how do I spell relief
May 25, 2006
...TAKE OFF THE MASK AND BREATHE... ...what mask shall I dawn today/what role shall I play today... ...who will I fool today/tell me which fool will fall prey... ...all dressed... read more

October 13, 2012
Photos by Leigha Righton This month's BSC Artist Feature, Esthero (in addition to being a personal favorite of mine) is a woman whose artistic prowess is evident not only... read more

Kia Bennett
September 17, 2012
Our September Brave Soul Artist feature is a young lady who clearly uses her artistry and music to tap into everything related to beauty (in all its forms). Kia... read more

Craig Stewart
July 14, 2012
Our Brave Soul featured artist for July 2012 is a trailblazer and true "renaissance" man. He has had his hands in music, theatre, and a host of other artistic... read more

Columbia Nights
May 14, 2012
Our Brave Soul featured artists for May 2012 are a pair of talented young men whose music speaks for itself. Comprised of musician/producers Hayling Price and John E Daise,... read more

Red Summer
April 4, 2012
Our Brave Soul featured artist for April, Red Summer, is a self proclaimed "Jane-of-all-trades". Her background in Musical Theater, Interdisciplinary Art, Song-Writing, Spoken Word Poetry, Film Production and both... read more

Deborah Bond
December 11, 2011
This month's BSC artist feature is an artist with one of the most distinctive, powerful voices I've ever heard. Her lyrics & music pay homage to a long line... read more

Tracy Cruz
September 18, 2011
Our Brave Soul Featured Artist for September [to end the summer & kick off the fall season] is a musical virtuoso whose work is steeped in sincerity, compassion, &... read more

Terrance Dean & "MOGUL" coming to the DMV...
July 6, 2011
Acclaimed author Terrance Dean is busy on the road promoting his latest novel, MOGUL & very soon, he'll be touching down in the DMV for 3 appearances to sign... read more

Darian Aaron
June 20, 2011
Our BSC Artist feature to kickoff the summer of 2011 is a trailblazer & courageous brother who embodies all the traits of a 'Brave Soul'. Darian Aaron is an... read more

L. Michael Gipson
February 13, 2011
Our Brave Soul Artist Feature for February 2011 is a maverick, as well as an inspiration for all those who aspire to greatness. Award-winning writer, public health and youth... read more

The Foreign Exchange
January 12, 2011
Our Brave Soul Artist feature for this month are a pair of brilliant musicians/artists whose musical union has yielded some seriously powerful, memorable, soulful music. Consisting of rapper/singer/songwriter Phonte... read more

Kimberly Nichole
November 9, 2010
Our Brave Soul Feature for this month is a trailblazer, a vocal powerhouse, & fashionista who has been dubbed the "the puffy-haired tower of power". KimberlyNichole an avant-garde singer,... read more

September 15, 2010
Our Brave Soul Artist feature for this month is a self proclaimed "Musical Architect" and a true definition of an artist. Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer Zo! is Detroit-area born and raised Lorenzo... read more

In memoriam of 'magnificence'
July 23, 2010
A tribute to the beloved E. Lynn Harris Just As He Was... Monte J. Wolfe 1995 was a monumental year for me. At the onset of that year, I was... read more

Stanley Bennett Clay
July 14, 2010
Our 2010 Brave Soul featured artist for the month of July is a 'renaissance man' and multi-faceted artist who is a true example of what it means to have... read more

May 4, 2010
Our artist feature this month epitomizes what it means to be an artist, and she is truly a 'Brave Soul' in a league of her own. Critically acclaimed R&B... read more

November 10, 2009
Photography credit: Jason Clark Our Brave Soul Artist for the month of November personifies what it means to be every sense of the word. For the last 10 years,... read more

James Earl Hardy
August 4, 2009
This month's artist feature is an author whose groundbreaking work has paved the way for many of today's black gay writers and continues to entertain legions of readers at... read more

Keith Barbee
April 22, 2009
Our Brave Soul artist feature for April 2009 is an author, journalist, poet, and all around renaissance man who currently resides in our very own Washington, DC area. KEITH... read more

October 9, 2008
This month's artist feature is an amazing talent whose music, and art speaks for itself. baron. is an award winning poet/spokenword artist turned electro hip-hop, rock, lyricist/singer-songwriter/producer on his... read more

April 21, 2008
written Monday April 21st, 2008 I got some good news today... I felt it would be not only irresponsible, but downright foolish if I didn't share this quickly. About 6... read more

Heidi Martin
April 19, 2008
In February 2007, I attended The Front Porch, a monthly open mic/artist showcase produced by Brave Soul co-founder Tim'm West. On this particular night, one of the featured artists... read more

March 19, 2008
(Originally written on Sunday, March 16th) One Week ago, yet another chapter was started in the novel that is my life. Another layer revealed and forced to deal with. Last... read more

Rodney Lofton
February 11, 2008
Our Brave Soul Artist for February is a man whose travels both personally and professionally have led him literally back to himself. Rodney Lofton is a writer, HIV/AIDS activist,... read more

Ra-Re Valverde
January 14, 2008
"..Normality don't exist for me...Mostly I live on the other side....Fine with me. I'm cream filled with such complexity. See love in unordinary things... ....I'm right where I am... read more

Frederick Smith
December 4, 2007
Our December Brave Soul Artist is dynamic writer whose work not only entertains, but propels readers to think and FEEL something. Frederick Smith, originally from Detroit, Michigan, is a... read more

Maurice Jamal
October 17, 2007
This month's Brave Soul Artist is an extremely talented young man by the name of Maurice Jamal. He is a DIRECTOR-WRITER-PRODUCER, who's groundbreaking work can be seen in both... read more

Janelle Monáe
July 9, 2007
Our Brave Soul artist for the months of July & August is a young woman whose work as an artist is nothing short of amazing. She is far too... read more

Unplugged Chicago Cast
June 25, 2007
baron. Born December 7, 1978, is a Man by maturity, an Artist by heart, and a Poet from experience. Growing up with his grandmother in Newark, NJ, baron.'s life has... read more

Home Of The Brave
May 9, 2007
Be sure to check out Brave Soul Collective in the latest issue of POZ Magazine (See scan of article below)... read more

A Day in the Life of....
May 8, 2007
What you are about to read is a personal testimony from a same gender loving brother who is an inspiration to any of us who have a dream and have... read more

May 8, 2007
In honor of May being a kickoff of sorts in terms of Black [Gay] Pride celebrations that take place over the summer months, we've decided to feature Michael-Christopher, who... read more

April 9, 2007
Our subject for April's Brave Soul Artist feature is a dynamic young woman whose approach is not powerful or pop-polished, but rich, mature, and effortless. She's also a great... read more

It's About Time...
March 14, 2007
The 2007 National African American MSM Conference on HIV/AIDS (January 25th -28th) in Charlotte, NC proved to be a success and served not only as a platform to discuss... read more

Queen Aishah
March 14, 2007
Our Brave Soul Artist for March is a woman who is a very close friend of mine, and lifetime Brave Soul family member. Comedienne Queen Aishah is not only... read more

Eric Roberson
February 12, 2007
Our Brave Soul Artist for February is an innovator and most definitely personifies what it means to be a 'brave soul'. Blue Erro Soul vocalist, songwriter, producer, and CEO... read more

Briian Dargon
January 10, 2007
Our premiere Brave Soul Artist feature for 2007 and the month of January is a young man who is living life on his own terms as an artist. Briian... read more

Ashley Phillips
December 12, 2006
Our Brave Soul Artist for the month of December is a young lady who is truly in a league of her own. Hers is a name you will want... read more

Sheryl Lee Ralph
October 10, 2006
Our Brave Soul Artist Feature for October is not only a Broadway legend, television & film star, but a humanitarian in her own right. You know, for me truth... read more

Lee Hayes
September 9, 2006
This month, we at Brave Soul Collective decided to highlight a brilliant brother whose literary works have firmly established him as one of today's most talented black gay authors.... read more

Patrik-Ian Polk
August 6, 2006
Photo by Anthony Nouri CaravanFor the month of August, we decided to spotlight the incredibly talented artist, Patrik-Ian Polk. About a month into BSC's premiere, we contacted Patrik to... read more

Frenchie Davis
July 1, 2006
Photo by Stan SchaferWhen we were trying to determine who our next Brave Soul Artist Feature would be, Frenchie was a no-brainer. She has a personal connection and relationship... read more

Lalah Hathaway
May 26, 2006
Our premiere Brave Soul Featured Artist is a woman who personifies what it means to be an artist. Music is in her genes, as she is the eldest daughter... read more

May 26, 2006
There's something to be said for individuals who make the choice to open up, to tell their truth completely. Whether in music, literature, poetry, or even in portrayal of a... read more