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Rejection and Acceptance
April 8, 2010
He told me that it was "worse to be alone or rejected" than to find out you're positive. This young, beautiful, gifted black man before me--having just found out a... read more

Not So Brave
April 22, 2009
I hate being positive sometimes. For many people I remain a shining example of resilience and determination to stay positive against the seductive impossibility of being a "negative" person. Loving... read more

Letting Go
February 8, 2009
I always seem to get "got". This is no victim story, but the reflections of a man who lives for loving, if misguided by the projection of his passion. For... read more

June 2, 2008
"I write non-fiction, my dirt's already unearthed." - from the diss track "Alone Again" There's something really freeing about having no "dirt" for people to expose-in owing all your own... read more

Rest to Refuel
March 17, 2008
Nine years after my AIDS diagnosis, I have grown tired: tired of the meds, tired of disclosing, tired of sex, tired of being tired. Once, so passionately committed to living,... read more

The Changing Face of Race
February 11, 2008
Funny thing happened just before Super Tuesday. I got a call from my dad who'd done recent genealogy on his side of the family to discover, or have reaffirmed, that... read more

Shedding the Consciousness of Poverty
January 14, 2008
On the verge of perhaps the most commercial and capitalistic holiday in the world and amidst the usual retrospective thinking about how to do 2008 better, I came to a... read more

I have a secret...
October 17, 2007
I like girls too! There, I said it. And I don't just mean "like", akin to how some men like the way women dress or how the walk in high... read more

September 18, 2007
(for calvin) Originally published in "Red Dirt Revival" by Tim'm T. West between infection and affection there is the utter unfairness of over-contemplating deep kisses, somebody's rejection of not just... read more

April 9, 2007
tickle me softly count the glances between breaths caress the untouched parts again no part of this brownskin landscape orphaned keep me warm like home soften the cracked places until... read more

The love deserved...
February 12, 2007
Just before Valentine's Day 2007, I am writing about love, somewhere between the thick of heart-break and a surrender to hopefulness. I don't know that I know anything about love,... read more

Meditations on Jesus Songs
October 11, 2006
The first sound I remember was probably my mother singing some damn Jesus song. She was the product of a man and woman (my grandparents) who, in their old age,... read more

Remember to Remember to Breathe
September 9, 2006
A Lesson Rickey taught me. It's been a little more than a month to the day since I received the news that my dear friend Rickey Williams committed suicide by... read more

I (like them) thick, therefore I am
July 1, 2006
(A Comment on Black Gay Male Body Image) I don't know that I was born gay, but my attraction dates as far back as some of my earliest memories, period.... read more

Deconstructing Banjee Realness
May 25, 2006
(a comment of gay black identity and masculinity) Banjee. That was the identity I was given back in the summer of 1991, when I, half out/half in approached the colored... read more

William Scott
February 8, 2009
Our feature for this month is a courageous, amazingly talented brother whose work is in a class all its own...In 2006 William Scott independently released his debut album, "Who's... read more

New Beginnings: Atlanta Bound!
July 10, 2007
(soundtrack: Adeva's "Thank You") not running from, but running to not lost, but simply rediscovering what it means to write and make beats somewhere between reckless abandon and purposeful intent... read more

Brave Soul Literary Spotlight
February 12, 2007
Tim'm took a moment to interview Steven G. Fullwood, founder of Vintage Entity Press and author of "Funny," a critically acclaimed work of essays and social commentary about being black... read more

Noir Reflections '06
December 12, 2006
we came to hills where cometh our strength, riding the wave of whatever change was awaiting permission to be sparked. we brought our burdens there: full hearts and blues... read more

First Flight
July 27, 2006
on monday he took first flight leapt to his death face cutting air arms surrendering like the tears i'd wiped goodbye many times before he fell as if meant... read more

demon eyes
May 26, 2006
we are not all lurking trembling between DL hell and picture perfect projections of wifey and kids shivering between night knights at twilight and forgetting ourselves and our Crixivan inside... read more

Being Out, Being Hip Hop
May 26, 2006
My objective is to express. I wouldn't say I'm trying to change mainstream perceptions. People who are irreversible homophobes will be stubborn to their delusions until they die. These are... read more