Perspectives: Sex

April 9, 2007 Print version       Other articles by this author

tickle me softly
count the glances between breaths
caress the untouched parts
no part of this brownskin landscape
keep me warm like home
soften the cracked places
until I am whole again
lay your head
where breath regains its rhythm
let our lips dance to my heart's song

pull close enough to almost kiss
pull away
to push closer
wrestle with the gravity of passion
allow me to be manly
a rough pleasure
a gentle strength
reassuring eyes
for i am nothing
if not a comforter
test my patience
to hold the wait
press fingers where the back flexes
it is fearless and voracious

attuned to the rise and fall
of breath
eardrum to heartbeat syncopation
trace whatever feels neglected
hold me better
than i have held myself
let me fold myself around you
with such care
i break your brokenness
fill the space between us
with smile
let me rest there
as if we were dying tomorrow
to live forever
and should you feel a tear?
do not run from it
taste its salt

i long to sense
sensuality so strong
i smell it in our sheets
feel it brush my skin
when i remember us
tangled and joyous
inventing new ways
to cuddle

understand that sexing
rushes the anticipatience
let it alone
throbbing and wanting
do not allow its selfish tendency
to rush the tenderness
between us
exploit our magic
be patient enough to feel full
there is nothing but time
to discover
new joy

begin again