Perspectives: Unprotected...

September 18, 2007 Print version       Other articles by this author

i did it again
and there was no question
I didn't bother 2 ask him
"when was the last time you been tested?"

instead I dropped drawz
and happily fed him
what it was that he hungered
and said that he wanted

and while he 'head' feasted
i stood and I lusted
and carefully watched...
as he laid on his stomach

with ass cheeks that spoke
in such distinct language
to me about how
they wanted, they needed

for me 2 come taste them
and split them,
bury my tongue and my dick...
deep deep up in him

and so this went on for AGES
and hours
then minutes...
until finally when it

appeared that we both could not
hold out much longer
while I wanted that ass
it was my dick that he hungered

see i reached for the condom
and fumbled with the package
while he sucked on my dick
and happily prepared it

for what would come next
i could not have expected
once I got it on,
and went 2 go in it...

it jus was not workin
was he jus too tight?
or was my equipment jus not workin right?
or was it the condom that got in the way?
its all this
that I contemplate...

fuck now, think later
in that moment,
is what I did
and now im here thinkin

why, how, & for what reason
did I stop,
take the condom off
and then slide right back in

head first into his ass
well because it felt GOOD
and because in that moment
or so it seemed
that was the only way I could...

and he didn't stop me
i mean, clearly he knew
that i'm hiv+
but it's ok...
cause HE was too...

it's this kinda thinkin that's got us in trouble
that's found rates of infection
not tripled, or doubled...
instead what they've done is
to the point THAT WITH US,
the POZ is implied

we did it again
neither of us bothered askin
what your last set of 'numbers' were
or how long you been infected
or if you've had an STD
syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia

information, wisdom, or courage
dont mean a godayum thing
if they can't be applied
in the heat of the moment.

if it means at that point
no ass or no dick
just stop and ask yourself
what's REALLY more important?

and if you conclude
that you and the dude
still jus wanna fuck,
thas ok too
...go 'head...TRY YOUR LUCK.